Dumbing down of America

The deliberate dumbing down of America was launched when John Dewey, the father of 20th century progressive education, shifted the goals of education from foundational knowledge to social engineering. Dewey unapologetically insisted that schools are vehicles for social change, and should be used for social reform. The consequences of Dewey’s elitist mind is 21st century illiteracy, educational activism, and propagandized curriculum content. 

Children are the future of every society on the planet. There is nothing progressive about illiteracy and indoctrinating students in regressive collectivism where they are socialized to become compliant global citizens in a binary feudal system of rulers and ruled. Masks are not just unhealthy, they are the symbol of submission in political medicine.

Linda Goudsmit / 8.1.21


The following was written by Diane Irving on July 31, 2021

[Note:  Our “teachers unions” have a whole lot to atone for, especially Randi Weingarten.  Now they want all K-12 masked up, vaccinated, etc. this Fall.  

Check out recent findings from the U.S. Dept. of Education:  
65% of Public School 8th Graders Not Proficient in Reading; 67% Not Proficient in Math;  results are far worse for students enrolled in some urban districts.  [LFC Input: 67% of graduating seniors from Cleveland public schools cannot read!]

Only 5 percent of Detroit public-school eighth graders were proficient or better in math. Only 7 percent were proficient or better in reading.  

In the Cleveland public schools, only 11 percent of eight graders were proficient or better in math and only 10 percent were proficient or better in reading.  

In the Baltimore public schools, only 11 percent were proficient or better in math and only 13 percent were proficient or better in reading.  

In the Fresno public schools, only 11 percent were proficient or better in math and only 14 percent were proficient or better in reading.”.

at:  https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/terence-p-jeffrey/65-public-school-8th-graders-not-proficient-reading-67-not-proficient;     see also, https://www.nationsreportcard.gov/math_2017

For a mindboggling (even funny) comparison, take a look at the 1895 Kansas grade school exam, at:  https://newrepublic.com/article/79470/1895-8th-grade-final-exam-i-couldnt-pass-it-could-you

Can you pass it?? 🙂 – DNI]


Wall Street Journal

July 23, 2021

Randi Weingarten Dodges On Critical Race Theory

The teachers union president deflects focus from its true tenets.

By Adriene Doray

In “Teachers Union Responds on Woke Education” (Letters, July 16), American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten justifies teaching critical race theory in our schools by citing examples of historical racism allegedly being glossed over or omitted. But most Americans support teaching students about slavery, racism and their devastating effects.

Ms. Weingarten’s rationale intentionally deflects focus from critical race theory’s true tenets: America has always been racist and irredeemable; all whites are supremacists and are successful via white privilege; systemic racism pervades American society and institutions; government-imposed equal outcomes are necessary to improve society; capitalism and private property are evil; constitutional freedoms must be subordinated to critical race theory’s goals. The theory also calls for our schools to be the mouthpiece for its indoctrination goals and to encourage students to join leftist activist groups.




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