Transgender Madness in Scotland

The “Scottish government” is a cohort of people – what sort of person approves this?????? Are they parents? Have they no concept of how monstrous this policy is??? The job of parents and teachers and school administrators is to PROTECT the children – not abuse them!! For me, it is like watching a society led by Josef Mengele, whose citizens accept his madness as sanity. Four year olds are driving the buses – the cover of Dear America has become a reality! It is 6:30a and I am already mentally exhausted.

This is child abuse and the tyranny of political medicine disguised as “support.”

Linda Goudsmit


Transgender Madness in Scotland: Kids as Young as 4 Can “Change Gender” in School Without Parental Consent

 by R. Cort Kirkwood August 13, 2021

The Scottish government published new guidance this week that allows schoolchildren of any age to “change” their “gender” without telling parents.

The document tells teachers to keep such a “change” a secret; informing parents might “harm” the child.

Result: A boy as young as four years old, the age when some kids start school in Scotland, can announce that he’s a girl. Teachers and school administrators must agree and “support” him.

“Transgender” madness, it seems, knows no end.

“At Any Age”

 The 70-page reportSupporting Transgender Pupils In Schools: Guidance for Scottish Schools, regurgitates the usual “transgender” propaganda about “gender neutrality” and “transphobic bullying.”

But key passages show that the schools will align against parents and permit children, who might be either confused or mentally ill, to decide to change “gender” without telling parents.

“Transgender people may come out at any age and to varying degrees: some people want to live fully as themselves in all aspects of life,” the document says. “Others may want to come out to just a few trusted people. It is important to understand that.” 

In keeping with that directive, “young people can simply choose to tell others informally that they want to use a different name. They don’t have to change their name on their official school record.”




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