More skewed data reports discovered.

More Skewed Data Reports Discovered

Written by Mary Pruitt
August 19, 2021

This journalist in this article:

is using skewed data to make their point. (1)

The article cites a “preliminary” Cleveland Clinic study dated May 12, 2021. In that preliminary Cleveland Clinic study, a doctor gives a “preliminary” statement to the press that says their data from Jan 1st to mid April of 4,300 admissions to their hospital system WITH COVID, indicates 99% are not fully vaccinated. (2)

So, let me break down the quoted CCF preliminary data for you. I know that people are either too busy to evaluate this data themselves, too tired of hearing about the vaccine, or just blindly believe what they read without question.

● Remember, fully vaccinated means =>14 days past 2nd injection for Pfizer/Moderna or 1 injection J&J.

●The vaccine was not approved until Dec 20 2020. The vaccine rolled out with a timetable for eligibility by age, disease and/or job title. (3,4,5,6) Therefore, most people were not even eligible for one vaccine, let alone 2 injections 3 weeks apart. Plus they had to be over 14 days past 2nd injection to be considered “fully vaccinated” on top of that.

● The 4,300 admitted from Jan 1 to mid April WITH Covid means they were admitted with Covid, not necessarily because of Covid. The admits could very well have been admitted for a multitude of other reasons and Covid was secondary.

● This doctor statement is from May 12. A lot has changed since then, with thousands of severe Covid breakthrough cases of fully vaccinated. (7) Even Cleveland Clinic itself had a larger study on June 4, 2021 with their own employees, that concluded natural immunity for Covid recovered was robust, and vaccination did not enhance that. (8)

When the journalist approached Rep. Creech, he obviously had no idea what this skewed data in this Cleveland Clinic preliminary data press release from May 12th was. And apparently, neither does the journalist, who is making erroneous statements himself.(1)









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