Two Covid vaccine makers on top 10 fined list

In Ohio Government, Crime Does Pay

Written by: Mary Pruitt
August 20, 2021

Why is Ohio doing business with a company they just fined for fraud? (1) I totally agree with this sentiment.

“Two months ago, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced that Centene, the largest Medicaid managed-care provider in the United States, would pay Ohio $88.3 million to settle a lawsuit claiming that Centene had defrauded taxpayers of tens of millions of dollars.”…Ohio Capital Journal.

But, I have to wonder, does this journalist also think that way toward Pfizer or J&J? They have a history of fines for fraud. In fact, both companies land on the top 10 list of fines ever in history which us quite an accomplishment. (2) Fast forward to 2021 and these companies don’t even pay their own marketing since the government mandates experimental covid vaccines for these same companies. And these companies have ZERO skin in the game. No one can sue them nor the government nor anyone who recommends them. Just incredible (and criminal). (3)

Of course, Moderna has NEVER brought a product to market so never had a chance to be fined. (4) I have an ill feeling, in 2-3 years post COVID mRNA vaccine, they may find their way on this list with Pfizer on it again also. There are already more deaths and vaccine related injuries associated to these vaccines than all vaccines ever used in history combined. (5,6,7,8)










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