Deception in the Ohio Education Reporting System

LFC Comments by Brian Massie – When doing research on Ohio schools using the Cupp Reports, we noticed that they were no longer reporting the Pupil / Teacher ratio. I sent a letter to Ms. Daria Shams and asked why. Here is her response:

Hi Brian,

   Prior to FY08 we used to calculate a measure that reflected the ratio of students to classroom teachers: the pupil teacher ratio. With some changes in the EMIS data collection processes, this information was no longer collected after FY08 and as a result no pupil teacher ratio was calculated by the Department for any fiscal year after FY08.

Since there was a lot of demand for this piece of information, I kept including the FY08 measure on the report for a few years afterwards as the Department did not have an official figure for the measure after FY08.

In FY13 I stopped including it as I thought it would be misleading as it belonged to a number of years earlier and I was sure that, had we calculated the data for the ensuing fiscal years, the data for many districts would have been different.

The variable ‘FTE Number of Classroom Teachers’ reflected on the older reports, was a count of teachers compiled specifically for that purpose and it was not compiled that way anymore, so we dropped it from the report. I hope this explanation helps. Thank you.


Daria Shams

Senior Policy Analyst

Office of Budget & School Funding

25 South Front Street | Columbus, Ohio 43215-4183

(614) 309-3478 | (877) 644-6338


The pupil/teacher ratio is a very important number, but, obviously, the schools, or unions or both do not want the taxpayers that are paying enormous property taxes to keep the schools running to see the reduction in the ratio.

We are calling them out for their deception!!!


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