Should your Date of Birth be public?

Written by Mary Pruitt / September 15, 2021

The secretary of state office is uploading everybody’s date of birth to the world wide web. The office was called, and the assistant stated it is required to have a public database of all voter registrations. I asked if I had provided my social security instead of my DOB, would they post that online also. The answer was no. I asked for the law that makes them give my DOB to the public. He told me it was ORC 3503.15 but actually DOB is not included. (1) I told him I want my DOB removed.

Please Call the secretary of state at 1-877-SOS-Ohio and demand they remove all of our DOB from their public database
(2) DOB is NOT included in the law that was given to me (1) and they are making everyone susceptible to identity theft. (3) I have referenced the law below. (1)

This website just came online recently. We are getting pretty close to voting time so they are required to list voter roll. However, it should be WITHOUT DOB OR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. (1)

The assistant was annoyed with me for making demands that they remove my DOB. He transferred me to someone who tried to transfer me back to the SOS assistant. She took my name and number and no one has gotten back to me. The birthdates are still being exposed.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt



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