Open Letter to Doctor of Northeast Ohio

Dear Doctors of Northeast Ohio,

Why is your medical bag empty for early, at home, off label use of proven treatment(s) for Covid19? (1) For God’s sake, Cleveland has the best hospital systems, and yet they have been castrated by our federal government.

AS IF you doctors have not prescribed 15 medications for elderly at any given time. (2) These meds you prescribe were never studied in combination. But you are approved to use them how you see fit. Black box warnings are A-okay. No problem. Is polypharmacy somehow safer than using ivermectin, HCQ or budesonide or other medical bag tools that should be at your total disposal and discretion for COVID, as a trained MD, on your patients? Of course not. The corrupted FDA, CDC and NIH have zero qualms about polypharmacy problems with our elderly. They allow people to have adverse outcomes with A fib due to polypharmacy. (3) But God forbid you write a script for zinc and HCQ, or Ivermectin, vitamin d and vitamin c. The powerful corrupt health leaders will take your license away, or your CMS lapdog bosses will fire you? (4)

MDs are given authority to use HCQ for lupus but forbid it for covid? Are you kidding me? All of this over a FALSE HCQ STUDY THAT HAD TO BE RETRACTED FOR FRAUD no less. (5) The dosages were too high and too late to do any good in many studies for both HCQ and IVERMECTIN. The claims of arrhythmias with HCQ allegedly continue today, but who cares about all the black box warnings on all the other meds in your medical handbags? The FDA, CDC AND NIH ONLY BLOCK THE DRUGS AND THREATEN YOUR MD LICENSE UPON USE OF DRUGS FOR COVID. Tell me why that is. Your licenses are not on the line when side effects or adverse events occur from any other medications you use for all patients. But they hold your MD licenses over your heads if you dare use early treatment meds that could save a life at home and not overwhelm our hospitals if you prescribe anything for covid at home? (6) This is criminal behavior by the ALLEGED leaders of health in our country. HOW DARE THEY??!!! Who do they think they are? Stand up doctors. Take your medical handbags back and do what is right for YOUR PATIENT.

These outrageous behaviors by the ALLEGED leaders who are expected to protect Americans’ health, needs to be shut down. Medical doctors are to have autonomy from governmental interference, especially when the interference is creating more deaths. (7) MDs are to have their patient’s welfare as their priority. Telling people to go home and wait it out, is malpractice. Since when do we wait for infections to get worse before treating it? This is an insane, backwards, medical world. You need to stop allowing this doctors. (8) We no longer trust you if you only say what you are scripted to say.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt









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