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From Gia D’Amato I September 21, 2021:

The owner of Culture Club 101 is pushing back against tyrannical, draconian, government overreach. I let her know that WE will have her back as long as she is refusing to comply. 

Please let me know of any business that is refusing to comply with the bullying of the government mafia. We will have their backs 🇺🇸 OORAH!

In case you have not heard, last Thursday my candidacy for State Assembly was made official.
I have been “working” on my slogan. 😉
God-First USA-loving Constitutional Americans need not vote                We didn’t vote for Biden or Newsom and they’re holding offices so I figured if you don’t vote for me, I will win.What are your thoughts? 

Giannina “Gia” D’Amato 🌷Candidate for California State Assembly, District 51President, Greater Pasadena Republican AssemblyFounder, Silent No More (a Patriot Warrior Meet up)
Pasadena CA –Lobbyists for Citizens

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