CDC Raises the White Flag on Covid-19

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CDC raises white flag on COVID-19

September 23, 2021 Dave Zanotti

Excerpts from the article:

Honest analysts have been quietly saying this was coming.

Today, September 22nd at 4:45 am EDT, a white flag appeared in the corner of the COVID-19 political battlefield. The CDC went to NPR with a team of researchers who have built the COVID models. They presented their data that reveals the COVID-19 pandemic will be essentially gone in the U.S. by March or in about 180 days.

Here is the article.

What is critical here is to understand that the release of this data is intentional and strategic. Again, experts have been predicting this was coming. In the very first episode of COVID Chronicles on The Public Square® in March of 2020, Dr. Chuck McGowen explained this process with precision. But no one would listen. In fact, if NPR ran the above story just one month ago, they would have been attacked as COVID deniers and likely banned from social media and polite company.

But facts are stubborn things and so is medical science. Objective physicians and epidemiologists have been predicting this time would come based upon the effective growth of human immunity after infections, vaccines and therapeutics. The CDC is saying we are now there.

No major news media picked up on this story today. No surprise. This is a drip, drip, drip process that the CDC and the Biden Administration is controlling. They want this good news to come out in very small pieces so that they can continue to hold onto all the power possible, for as long as possible, then claim credit for winning the battle on COVID.

Of course they do.

This white flag of surrender on COVID panic and hysteria does throw the Biden Administration under the bus. It is going to be very difficult to force employers to fire employees who are not vaccinated when the truth is the pandemic is quietly slipping away. Clearly the CDC knows they are faced with yet another crisis of credibility. So they are trying to get ahead of the curve. This time it is a downward curve back to a normal human experience with a virus that humanity, (Thank God) is going to survive.


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