Freedom Phone

Freedom Phone

Written by: Mary Pruitt / September 27, 2021

I finally purchased a FreedomPhone but they are on backorder until November. I had tried to order it back in July but my credit card gave me a fraud alert. They said there was “nothing to do” once I responded it was me that made the purchase. So I thought the purchase went through. Unbeknownst to me, it had not gone through. It was on backorder until August. I finally reconciled all my bank and credit card accounts and I verified the purchase never took place.

On this purchase, I got another fraud alert. This time I went back into and re-ordered it. I was still afraid that I would order it twice, because I gave my credit card info twice and it processed. On this 2nd attempt, I got a confirmation number in my email from freedom phone.

I love supporting companies that fight for freedom.

Listen to the owner/creator of Freedom Phone’s video at I have been waiting for a product to show up like this. (1)

I plan to go to Patriot Mobile unlimited calls/texts/internet, once I receive my Freedom Phone. (2)

For those old enough to remember, Twitter, YouTube and facebook all were so popular because they gave us all an extension of free speech. They started as online places for individuals to say what they wanted, in a fun, popular, worldwide format. Now, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are anti free speech zones. I hope they go away like Myspace did. (3, 4)

I searched for a list of conservative companies to support. The following list showed up.”>”>”>”>”>”>”> (5)

In truth,
Mary Pruitt






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