Conflicts of Interest scourges our country

Written by Mary Pruitt / October 2, 2021

The infrastructure bill has increased fines for Ohio companies that do not mandate vaccines. This comes from congress members who has millions in stock of the vaccine manufacturers. (1) So mandating vaccines makes millions for these corrupt people.

Oh, and judges, who make decisions on cases, also own stock for companies they make decisions on. (2)

Follow the money. No one has any integrity and ethics. As much as I disagree with Elizabeth Warren on oh so much, I do encourage her bill to prohibit lawmakers from trading stocks and prohibiting lobbying for life post public service. If she would add term limits, it would be the greatist bill for the We The People!! Although, she falsely reports to the Hill, that the motivation is due to GOP corruption. The reason her caucus has not supported the bill is because they are equally as unethical, if not more. (3)

In truth,

Mary Pruitt


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