Was there election fraud in Lake County?

Was there Election Fraud in Lake County?

Written by Brian Massie, LFC Executive Director  / Revised October 7, 2021

In our opinion, at the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic is the ability of all citizens to vote for candidates and issues in free and fair elections.  It is, therefore, extremely important that the registered voters in Lake County have the confidence in our Board of Election officials and our election process.

What we are about to reveal deals only with Lake County, and we cannot comment on what has transpired in any other state, or county, since we were not even remotely involved.

Why are we coming forward at this time? To sit back and not inform Lake County citizens of what we know would be a betrayal of Lobbyists for Citizens’ mission statement. The truth must always be told.

We are continuing to hear that there was definite election fraud in Ohio, and the latest information is that there were 10,834 votes switched in Lake County.  These are very damaging allegations. 

  1. The continued negativity and doubt about the Lake County election process may drive voters away from the polls thinking why should they bother to vote since the system is rigged.

  2. The allegations without legitimate proof is unfair to the loyal, hardworking employees at the Lake County Board of Elections; and, quite frankly, Lobbyists for Citizens will not be party to bearing false witness against anyone.

For approximately the last nine months, Lobbyists for Citizens has been working with other like-minded Lake County citizens trying to determine if we could find any election fraud issues in Lake County.   Our group was so far out in front of other Ohio groups that we were referred to as the “tip of the spear”.  It was hoped that our group would be able to unlock the key to how election fraud happened in the State of Ohio.

We were working with the Dr. Douglas Frank group and statisticians in the State of Ohio to analyze the voter database information we received from Mr. Ross McDonald, the Lake County Board of Election Director, and the Ohio Secretary of State on-line voter database.

We would like to personally thank Mr. McDonald, and his assistant Mr. Tom Seymour, for their unfailing patience and help in answering our seemingly unending questions, giving access to the public database, and basically, doing everything that we asked of them to better understand their policies and procedures relating to election integrity.

We used the following methods to try to find the phantom voters that everyone has heard about if they have listened to Mr. Mike Lindell and Dr. Frank: (1) robo calls, (2) postcards, (3) knocking on doors, (4) Google Earth software, and (5) a great deal of data analysis.

We have spent an enormous amount of time trying to find those phantom voters.  However, we did not find A SINGLE PHANTOM voter.  None, zero, nada..

I objected to any further data analysis when Dr. Frank stated that he had proof of the election fraud in Lake County.  I sat across the table from him at a Parma restaurant and said that I would not bear false witness, and he must show me the proof, and it cannot be statistics generated from comparing projected results from a six-number variable polynomial versus actual results.  We have waited for over two months, and my patience has worn out. We can conjecture why no proof has been offered, but it would be strictly speculation on our part.  The fact remains NO PROOF has been offered.

We are not demeaning Dr. Frank’s or Mr. Lindell’s efforts in any way.  They are patriots and may ultimately provide the proof of election fraud in other States.  However, we are concerned about the perception that Lake County citizens may have about Lake County’s election integrity.

We, therefore, would like to tell the Lake County Commissioners and the citizens of Lake County that we found no voter or election fraud issues in the last election.

As citizens of this great nation, it is imperative that we continue to perform our civic duty by voting in all elections. 

A lot of great patriots have died or were injured, mentally and physically, in foreign wars to protect your right to vote.  Please never take that right for granted, and be sure that you pass it along to future generations.

We also have no doubt that the dedicated employees of the Lake County Board of Elections will ensure that we continue to have free, fair, and honest elections in Lake County.  They deserve our support and thanks for a job well done.

Brian Massie
Lobbyists for Citizens


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