Should we vaccinate our children?

Statistics on Children and Covid-19

Written by Mary Pruitt / October 7, 2021

A dataset was uploaded 10/6/21 to the CDC website. It includes all deaths since 1/4/20. The total pediatric deaths that “INVOLVED” (meaning they tested positive, not necessarily that they died FROM Covid) (Father God please hold their souls), was 587. There were a total 700,951 Covid positive who died. The death rate alone for children is statistically zero if you divide 587 by 700,951 equals .00057.(1)

There have been a total of 43,878,517 positive covid in the USA. (2) The fatality rate for children is again, statistically ZERO. Not to diminish those who lost a child (God bless their souls abd provide peace for those surviving their loss.), but my point is that the covid vaccine IS NOT ETHICALLY APPROPRIATE IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM for mass vaccination of kids. It is legal malpractice and criminal to expose children to KNOWN AND UNKNOWN RISKS from these experimental biologics.

Ohio Department of Health needs to CEASE AND DESIST their desire to vax children. They are starting with illegal enticements, (3) and it will end with illegal forced vaccination with experimental biologics. We have already watched the way it rolls with adults. Now they are going after our children.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt





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