Pasadena Patriots Meetups

Dear Patriot Warriors,

This quoted message expresses very accurately what I would like to convey to you. Be encouraged. The power is in our hands.

When discouraged or in doubt, give me a call. If you like, we can meet for coffee and have an encouraging chat filled with truth that will dispel the dark lies. Booyah!   

“If and when they need us to actually physically fight, they would sound the alarm and we would answer the call. 

We are not at that point yet. The DS wants you to start a war…… that is not what we need right now. 

We need to keep pushing forward with disobedience, non-compliance, and grassroots activism. Be vocal. Be heard and seen. 

Keep pushing back. More and more people are waking up and joining the movement. 

Together we are strong, divided we are weak. Stay strong patriots, the people have the power!”

Flyers for upcoming events are below.
NOTE: For the 17th, please purchase your ticket by Friday morning, the 15th. Let me know when you do so you can be added to our group

I love you all,
Giannina “Gia” D’Amato 
Candidate for California State Assembly, District 51
Founding Immediate Past President, Greater Pasadena Republican Assembly
Founder, Silent No More (an Action Coalition for Boots on the Ground)
Pasadena CA –Lobbyists for Citizens

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