So, Where Do We Go From Here?


Written by: Iron Major 04 / October 14, 2021

Since the Election on November 3rd, 2020, this has been a question on almost everyone’s mind.  Manifesting as either an active concern, or merely a nagging doubt somewhere in the mind’s recess.  It’s just there, like a brick wall that must be faced before we can move on with life.  It’s not just me, there are many people I know who sense a cultural shift occurring since then.  That is if you can even get them to talk about it at all, because implications can be too overwhelming for some people.  But when people do talk about this, a feeling of either having been played, or being regarded as a fool by some faceless entity is expressed. 

Many also sense that our core principles are being manipulated, and that we are nearing a breaking point with many stabilizing traditions.  By perception, it presents itself as a sense of uncertainty, seemly to hover like a fog over our collective futures.  Unless someone is blind, or oblivious, it is clear a new course is being charted for us. 

Therefore, whether election fraud exists or not, certain questions must be answered before this country can heal.  Why is that?

Few people will knowingly vote to:

  • increase taxes,
  • subordinate economic sovereignty to other nations,
  • choose to surrender to foreign enemies,
  • encourage control of their children’s core values to unelected bureaucrats,
  • or abandon naturally abundant traditional energy resources for dependence on untested green energy technology.

Regardless if you voted for the guy now sitting at 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue or not, that is the governance you are getting from him – like it, or not.  But this is not the platform he ran on!

Let’s assume the election was fair, and over eighty million Americans did, in fact, vote for him.  Are any of the agendas mentioned above what any American voter would knowingly have chosen?  I don’t think so.  But in fact, these are the very policy objectives currently being sought for us.  Either by legislative process, or through executive decree.  As a result, a combination of simmering anger, confusion, and frustration can be seen fulminating out there.

Logically, people just don’t make decisions that go against their best interests.  It defies rational thinking to act in a manner where a person would hurt themselves, or their family.  No living entity would do that except maybe lemmings, but we are human beings.  So now targeted policy objectives under false, or veiled titles are being introduced for us.  Like The Green New Deal (Infrastructure Bill), The Great Reset (various monetary policies), Individualized Carbon Credits (Infrastructure Bill language infers start), and Mandated Vaccinations Protocols now abound out of Washington.

This path our political class intends to take us on was never part of any 2020 campaign platform, because it would have been rejected.  They know that too!  When closely examined, an eerie similarity exists to another infamous form of governance which has failed on every occasion.  These proposed political objectives are very reminiscent of socialism.  Regardless of what you call these agendas, it still results in state control of the smallest details of our lives.  Really, is this what you voted for?

It’s not just that socialism is a failed economic system.  It also causes widespread misery for those subjugated by its authority, inevitably creating a totalitarian state for the masses by those who provide its oversite.  Except for the elites, a majority of the population is categorically marginalized by the process.  Socialism only encourages mediocracy for everyone while always discouraging creativity by the individual.

There is no God in socialism; the state determines equity on the basis of the lowest common denominator, and God given individual abilities are irrelevant.  So, would the average American vote to accept socialism as their preferred government? Again, I don’t think so.  Most likely not out of any relevant sense of understanding for the noble sacrifices made by our forefathers, or even for our inalienable and God given individual rights. 

However, as Americans, we do selfishly enjoy our unique freedom for personal possessions, and the ability to acquire more things based on our individual means.  Okay, maybe I’m being a bit ironic.  So, where do we go from here?  I don’t know, but the one thing we do have in common is this; it is still OUR Country, OUR home, and where OUR families live.

By God Almighty’s Grace, WE better make OUR voices heard, and damn fast if WE want to keep it that way!!!  However; if intrusive government control over your life is what you want, or you just don’t care, then sit back and settle for what you are given.  Remember, you have a choice, and doing nothing is a choice.  Perhaps a better question to ask is this; why did we get here?




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