Pasadena Patriots

October 20, 2021
Dear Patriot Warriors,

We are NOT losing strength, we are gaining ground. Keep your focus on the prize, this is not meant to destroy us, this is going to make life deeper, richer, and beyond anything you could think of or imagine. We are making history, it is THE best time to be alive. 

From this moment on, we will walk with the posture of a winner, we will be diligent in holding our government accountable. We will not allow this to happen ever again.

We came so close to losing our freedoms and the destruction of our Constitution. 
When you find yourself losing hope, look around. With whom are you spending your time? What are you watching or listening to? Be attentive to the language that you are receiving. Do not allow demoralizing conversations full of fear and discouragement. This is a PSYOP, a war of the mind. The weapons of the enemy are not aimed at your flesh; they are aimed at your mind, at your heart, and at your spirit.


This is the ONLY way we will destroy tyranny. 

Avoid any business that mandates anything. Please let me know of businesses that refuse to kneel at the altar of security. They will get our business. “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both” Benjamin Franklin  

Several events happening this week, see flyers below.

This morning, I will be in DTLA at City Hall and this evening I look forward to seeing you at The Bucket in Eagle Rock. 

I’m excited to announce that my campaign webpage is live! God First (

Please visit and sign up to join my team. You will be glad you did!
Much love to you all,
Giannina “Gia” D’Amato 🌺
Candidate for California State Assembly, District 51
Founding Immediate Past President, Greater Pasadena Republican Assembly
Founder, Silent No More (an Action Coalition for Boots on the Ground)
Pasadena CA –Lobbyists for Citizens

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