Kirtland School Board Candidates

LFC Comments: We received the following article from a Kirtland resident.


Written by: Very Concerned Kirtland resident / October 29, 2021

Here’s a screen-shot taken today of the Facebook post of Kirtland School Board candidate Shannon Green. Note: the election is ‘non-partisan’, so party affiliation will not be on the ballot, but Green is a Democrat.   

Interesting quote she’s chosen for her advertising, from Nelson Mandela, a Communist!  -“Education is the most powerful weapon…” !  It seems inappropriate to deem education as something one would aspire to weaponize.  Also interesting is the other board candidates who’re listed with her under that banner.  They must agree with that sentiment. 

Frankly, I will choose the remaining candidate who is NOT named under the Communist advert: Joshua Hayes, who appears to be a well-qualified educator, parent, and coach.  The ballot will say ‘pick 3’.  I’m going to ‘under-vote’ and choose just one.




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