Why is there turmoil in the world?

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For those that are perplexed about what is happening in the world, you should read this article and watch the short video. “Bonnie Prince Charlie”, the soon to be King of England that cheated on his wife Diana, Princess of Wales, tells in unvarnished language the plan for the world domination by a few elites, and international corporations.

By Jon Fleetwood

Excerpts from the article:

U.K.’s Prince Charles calls for a worldwide “fundamental economic transition” that is accomplished without the approval of sovereign nation-states, “beyond even the governments of the world leaders.”

  • Prince Charles of Wales delivered a speech at a United Nations (U.N.) opening ceremony for COP26 (here), a U.K.-hosted conference on climate change held in Glasgow from Oct 21 to Nov 12, 2021.
  • During his speech, Prince Charles pleaded with world leaders to “come together” and to “take the action required” in order to “marshal the strength of the strength of the global private sector” and achieve a word-wide “fundamental economic transition.”
  • This transition will cost “trillions—not billions—of dollars” and will require a “vast military-style campaign” whose power goes “beyond even the governments of the world leaders.”
  • Prince Charles regularly promotes the so-called “Great Reset” planned by the globalism-promoting World Economic Forum (WEF).
  • The WEF’s Great Reset is referred to by The Transnational Institute as “a silent global coup d’etat” to capture world dominance.

Prince Charles is an advocate for the WEF’s Great Reset agenda, the goal of which is to end American sovereignty and to usher in “a new world” order controlled by “stakeholders,” corporations who are partnered with the WEF. After the Great Reset takes place, world populations “will own nothing. And you’ll be happy,” according to a video presentation created by the WEF (see video in the article).


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