Our World in Data…deaths from the vaccine


Your readers would benefit greatly from this information compiled by the ‘Our World in Data’ site of Johns Hopkins University.

It is very comprehensive as it analyzed all of the data from all of the 185 nations reporting.

…”Data was analysed from the ‘Our World in Data’ site of Johns Hopkins University on 247 million Covid-19 cases from the very start of the pandemic to October 31st 2021, for all 185 nations where they have data on both the percentage of people vaccinated, the cumulative confirmed cases per million, and the cumulative deaths per million”.

Even if people had one, two or more of the C19 injections, they should know that they do not have to continue to submit to them.

If after reviewing the data presented, they decide that they no longer want to subject themselves to the C19 injections, they are not locked into their previous decisions, and can decline future injections. 


Joan River




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