Suggested Call to Action on Vaccine Mandate

LFC Comments: We received the following from a Lake County patriot. Although we agree in principle with the patriot, calling these two socialists and getting them to do anything for the average citizen is going to be a heavy lift. Senator Brown will NEVER buck his Luciferian party, and Senator Portman has already checked out.




I implore you, if you value you freedom and your liberties that come with being a citizen of these United States, please call your senators and say the following:

“This is (your name) from (your city), Ohio. Senator (Brown or Portman), I DEMAND that you call for a CONGRESSIONAL REVIEW ACT VOTE TODAY to stop this unconstitutional and tyrannical vaccine mandate that is being imposed on companies all over the country and to be enforced by OSHA. This is an infringement on my fundamental right to choose. It will further destroy our economy and cause the loss of millions of jobs. If you value our country and what it stands for, you will oppose these insane measures that are being proposed by the Biden administration.”

This call MUST be made TODAY.

The Congressional Review Act allows the senate of the US to reject an agency interpretation of an authorizing statute.

The Biden administration is seeking to bankrupt anyone who is in favor of liberty by imposing massive penalties on companies that choose not to comply with the mandate.

The numbers to call are below.
Senator Sherrod Brown Phone #DC:(202) 224-2315 LOCAL:(614) 469-2083
Senator Rob Portman Phone # DC:(202) 224-3353 LOCAL:(614) 469-6774

If you would like further information to read on why I am so passionate about this issue, I have included it below the senators phone numbers. I am NOT against vaccines. I am against vaccine mandates. The Congressional Review Act allows the senate of the US to reject an agency interpretation of an authorizing statute.

If you chose to get a vaccine, great! I would just like the same courtesy extended to me and how I choose.

Here is information on the Congressional Review Act:Congressional Review Act – Ballotpedia

Here is information on the vaccine mandate-the emergency temporary standard:
Do Remote Employees Have to Get Vaccinated Under New OSHA Mandate? Your Questions Answered

Here is information on why federal mandates are NOT constitutional:

They have put together a 495 page regulations spelling out the mandate. Here are a few of the highlights.

There are NO exceptions in the mandate for prior immunity.If the mandate is made permanent, it would consider getting rid of testing of employees as an alternative to getting vaccinated. They are using an administrative agency that is outside the scope of its authority (OSHA) to force every major employer and mid-size employer in the United States to force vaccines on their employees.

There is much more. In the interest of time, I need to get this out to everyone that I can today. This call MUST be made TODAY.




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