Bankers Ready to Steal Your House, 401K and more

Great Reset Bankers seek to Steal Your House, 401K, and more via Stealth

Written by Ester David / November 5, 2021

Do you want to keep your house?

Glenn Beck stands alone among talk show hosts in exposing the Great Reset, a plan advanced by the World Economic Forum on behalf of central banks like the Federal Reserve, as well as the world’s largest banks. Great Reset leaders have made clear their desires to have us all “own nothing and be happy”.  

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It would sound ridiculous, except that we can now see their ideas like “Build Back Better” being written into Federal legislation. We also now recognize the lockdowns as a form of disaster capitalism. During the lockdowns, Walmart, Target, and Amazon remained open, while their smaller competitors were forced to close and often driven into bankruptcy. This allowed companies like Black Rock to buy distressed properties for pennies on the dollar, using Federal Reserve Funds.

Disaster capitalism strategies are now being crafted to force you out of your house. Recently, 84 banks and 30 insurance companies and asset managers got together as the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero to advance net zero carbon as a means to achieve Great Reset goals. It plans on forcing “net zero” by not providing insurance or mortgages to homeowners who do not upgrade their homes with costly green energy measures, like roof solar panels. Poor homeowners who cannot pay for required upgrades will find that they cannot sell the house except at a loss to someone who can afford the required greening. Often that ‘someone’ will be companies like Black Rock, which already borrows money at .025% directly from the Federal Reserve, that will purchase the property for pennies on the dollar, make the ‘improvements’ and then remove the property from the resale market by renting it out. Thus, by weaponizing bank lending and insurance, Wall Street seeks to make it impossible for regular people to afford to own property, and then have all that property fall into their hands. The end result is that they will turn us into a nation of renters.

That is one of the many methods Great Reset-supporting institutions will employ to create a society where you and I  “own nothing and are happy”.  Meanwhile, Wall Street’s largest players, and the Federal Reserve, get to own everything.   We are witnessing the largest transfer of wealth in human history orchestrated by Central Banks across the planet.

Please join the Heritage Club on November 11th at the Family Restaurant at 1945 Mentor Avenue in Painesville to understand how we can avert this disaster.   Esther David, author of this article, will be speaking.  If you don’t care about housing,  Esther will explain that virtually every societal problem we face—from Vaccine Mandates to Supply Chain problems, to Critical Race Theory, originates with these same players creating crisis in society to meet their “Great Reset” goals by 2030. 

The talk title is Great Reset Bankers, and the  Federal Reserve; seek to steal your house, pensions, and more.  What can we do about it?  

Meanwhile, Esther David encourages you to watch videos of Justin Haskins who has researched the Great Reset in partnership with Glenn Beck.   The following video is only 12 minutes and the launch pad for  Thursday night’s talk. 

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