Gia D’Amato for California State Assembly 2022 District 51

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Midterm Elections Now One Year Away – Meet Gia D’Amato in California!

2022 is another important election year.  All California Assembly Seats (80 of them) and half of the Senate seats (20 of them) are up for reelection in 2022.  Gia D’Amato, a Lincoln Heights/Highland Park native, is running for District 51, in the North East Los Angeles area, and I support her!

Gia will be campaigning against Wendy Carrillo, a Democrat who has run unopposed for the last three terms, six years!  This district has been abandoned by the GOP and Republicans in general, and we are seeing what a supermajority, uni-party rule can do to destroy California.  

Gia stands on truly American values that everyone should agree with:1.  Life in the way of safe neighborhoods, good schools, and strong families.  2.  Liberty in the way of supporting our individual and constitutional rights and voting against intrusive government oversight and legislation.  3. Pursuit of Happiness by way of supporting small businesses and the middle class to provide more opportunities for all. 
The Bills being passed in the California Legislature chip away at these three principles.

Gia represents a New Republican.  She is tired of the status quo on both sides of the aisle.  She is taking a stand for our liberties and wants to stop bills that prevent Americans from pursuing their goals and participating in a free-market community of businesses and ideas.  There are currently over 1,800 bills in the State Assembly and many are designed to limit your personal freedoms and support the collective and ideas of social justice instead.

Bills like AB5 that passed in 2019 made it illegal for Californians to be their own boss.  They could no longer be independent contractors, but had to work for a company.  They said it was to give workers benefits – but instead many were shut out of the gig-economy and it’s just another way that the government feels entitled to encroach on our personal freedoms.

Now the legislature has enacted social justice and climate bills that do not actually do anything to support our communities.  Plastic straws and small shampoo bottles are now banned in California – while the forests go unmanaged and we are on the verge of a water crisis. 

Social justice bills like the two that were signed this year force stores to have a Gender Neutral section for clothes and toys – they can’t just have a boys and girls section, but it will be the law to have a Gender Neutral section as well. 

Newsom recently signed a Bill that made Critical Race Theory classes disguised as Ethnic Studies mandatory for graduating high schoolers.  These classes portray Americans and everything that has to do with the founding of our country as bad, oppressive, and originating from a place of white supremacy.  Instead of teaching that Capitalism has brought more people out of poverty, hands down, they like to portray our country as greedy and racist, while at the same time lining their pockets with money for the train-to-nowhere!

We’ve also seen laws that decriminalize theft and allow for criminals to be let out of jail, while wanting to defund the police.  How do these support our communities?
Gia has had enough.  It is time Americans take a stand and speak up for the values that made this country exceptional.  But she can’t do it alone. 

Please check out Gia’s website.  There are many ways you can support her, and I hope you will!

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