Los Angeles Block Parties to Meet Gia D’Amato

The first legislative house is run by a Democratic supermajority. This means that there is no conservative voice in the major law-making branch of California’s government. We must break that supermajority!

The incumbent is Wendy Carillo. Not only is she doing a poor job of representing, she has run unopposed for 3 terms. This should not be.

East Los Angeles, Chinatown, Cypress Park, Eagle Rock, Echo Park (partial), El Sereno, Glassell Park, Highland Park, Lincoln Heights, Montecito Heights, Silver Lake (partial). 

June 7, 2022 is the Statewide Direct Primary Election
November 8, 2022 is the California election.

California Assembly District 51 is divided into nearly 500 precincts (neighborhoods).The district represents over 400,000 residents.

My goal is to connect with as many of these residents as possible.

BLOCK PARTIES!   We will divide the district into quadrants. Each Sunday (excluding celebratory holidays), we will host a Potluck Block Party in a quadrant and invite those in District 51 to attend. You don’t have to reside in that particular quadrant to attend that particular Sunday. I will provide paper products, tables, water, ice, a jumper, and raffle prizes.

It will be a fun time as those in my district join us and are given a platform to express their concerns, issues and needs. Most importantly, I will get to personally connect with many in my district. 

I want to make a difference in their lives and be the representative they have been robbed of. I am not self-serving, but have a heart for the people. I sincerely love people, and realize that so much has brought me to this day. I want God to use me to be a voice, to bring to life our Constitution and our Freedoms once again!

I cannot do this without you. There are various areas where your help will be valuable. We are in need of scouts, callers, walkers, prayer warriors, etc. 

We know I will win this election. It is urgent that we gather our strengths and join efforts in this battle against evil. I truly believe that I am called to fight for what is wrong in our state. I am asking for your time. Even if it’s just a couple of hours. Even if it is digital. Your talent is the contribution necessary to advance the defeat of evil.
Please REGISTER for this week’s first Volunteer Meeting. This time, for the purpose of convenience, it will be a web meeting, but we will be meeting in person as soon as we locate a venue. 


Thursday, November 11th at 7:00  PM
Contact me anytime, I am here for you❤
Gia (and Bonnie) 

P.S. Telling others about me is another way of volunteering 😁

Gia D’Amato for State Assembly 51
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Bonnie Wallace, Campaign Manager
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We are About:
Safe Communities and Quality Neighborhoods
Individual Rights and Freedoms
Pursuit of Happiness  
Independent Businesses and Opportunities for All


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