What can go wrong with the vaccine shot?

LFC Comments: Thanks to Mary Pruitt for this article.

The following video with Dr. John Campbell needs to be taken seriously by FDA and CDC.

I know that people are getting the COVID mRNA vaccine and even giving it to their children. (Emphatically against this as risk vs benefit falls far too heavy on the risk side) But, I digress.

So, you need to know that when receiving vaccine, we used to be taught to aspirate to be sure you don’t inject into blood vessel. As Dr. Campbell explains thoroughly in this video, you inject, pull back on plunger, then if no blood is seen, you inject into muscle.

He reviewed a very prestigiously backed peer reviewed study that concludes that if vaccine is injected into blood vessel, the result is myocarditis, periocarditis etc.

So, if you are willing to allow Pfizer and friends to experiment with your children, please at least demand they use proper technique. At some point, CDC determined it was not necessary to aspirate first. With this new technology, apparently it really does matter. Please heed this warning.

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