Profits over People!!!

LFC Comments by T. Paine: The moral depravity of our politicians is on par with the depravity of corporate America that pretends not to notice the atrocities of the Communist Chinese Party toward their people. Forced labor, human trafficking, killing people for their organs is all acceptable to corporate America and our federal politicians.

The corrupt United Nations, and WHO are also total complicit for not stopping these atrocities, but they will permit world citizens to be cancelled from their respective societies for not accepting the Covid vaccine. Get the UN out of the US!

10 “For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.”
I Timothy 6:10 (NASB)

[Picture was taken by LFC at the January 6th Washington, D.C. rally]


Apple Gives $275 Billion to China

Forced tech transfer to China is stab in the back to America

Anders Corr  / December 11, 2021 Updated: December 11, 2021

Excerpts from the article:

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, according to secret documents reportedly seen by The Information, inked a $275 billion giveaway in 2016 that explains the tech company’s success in China.

The Chinese market is no small part of Apple’s current approximately $3 trillion market capitalization. This makes it the world’s biggest company. So the Apple CEO could be incentivized to give away its technology and ignore human rights abuse to maximize his bonuses in the short term while not only selling out Apple shareholders, but American democracy to boot.

Meanwhile, Apple is among other major American corporations—including Nike and Coca-Cola—lobbying Congress against the core provisions in a bill that just passed the House against the use of Uyghur forced labor in China.

Uyghurs from the Xinjiang region, as well as Tibetans and Falun Gong, are undergoing genocide in China, according to the definition in the U.N. Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. The Uyghur genocide has been recognized by the American, UK, Canadian, and several European government entities. Part of this genocide is forced labor, which Apple apparently doesn’t care much about relative to its China-linked revenues.

“Under conditions that strongly suggest forced labour, Uyghurs are working in factories that are in the supply chains of at least 82 well-known global brands in the technology, clothing and automotive sectors, including Apple, BMW, Gap, Huawei, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Volkswagen,” according to the authors, Vicky Xiuzhong Xu, Danielle Cave, James Leibold, Kelsey Munro, and Nathan Ruser.

It’s time for American corporations, including Apple, to improve their ethical practices. They should not be involved with any country, government, or political party that is committing even a single genocide, much less three. China is that country. Beijing is that government. The CCP is that party. End American complicity with forced labor and genocide now.


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