HB 248…fighting the vaccine mandates

Yes, the HB248 Ballot Initiative was Rejected by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, HOWEVER…
Do not take this as a defeat. This is fairly common. But more importantly, we will not take no for an answer. The team that delivered the original Ballot Initiative to the AG’s office is hard at work and will deliver a revised version very soon!
Here’s what is in the works and how you can help:
1) As soon as the new version is approved by the attorneys that are reviewing it, we will need to collect a new 1,000 signatures for the AG’s office to consider the new language. So keep an eye on your email for petition signing opportunities near you! 

2) After the team has gathered the new signatures for the revised version of the Ballot Initiative, the paperwork will be delivered to the AG’s office. He will then have ten business days to review and approve or reject the resubmission. We all sit, wait, and pray. 

3) Presuming the revised version is approved, the team will then work to collect at least 200,000 signatures statewide. Less signatures are required, but the team wants to ensure there’s a surplus of signatures in the event that any are thrown out during validation. If you’re interested in helping collect signatures, please email us at info@ohioamf.org with your name, county, and phone number so the Ballot Initiative team can update you with additional information.

If you’re unable to help gather signatures, please watch your email for petition signing opportunities near you. OAMF is excited to be helping promote this effort brought to you by extraordinary Ohio citizens who are working hard to bring this Ballot Initiative to the voters.

So when you see Diana Smith, Leah Lines, Tonya Wietholter, or Stephanie Stock at an upcoming event, thank them for all of their, and their team’s outstanding work!




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