Ohio Department of Health Behind the Curve

Take Note Ohio Department of Health

Written by: Mary Pruitt / December 13, 2021

The Florida Surgeon General Ladapo is now my government Covid Hero in the USA. Take note, Ohio Department of Health, THIS is how REAL CARING MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS address this COVID pandemic.

As you can read in this article by Dr Mercola, Surgeon General Ladapo has freed the medical doctors in his state to treat Covid as they see fit using off label which was/is normal. They now have their medical bag full, as they should. They also are promoting INFORMED CONSENT. REAL Health CARE interventions are being promoted such as immune enhancements like VITAMIN D, C, Zinc, and exercise. Hallelujah and Amen!

If I didn’t have commitments in Ohio, I would move to Florida, where they run things like we actually live in a free country called the USA.

Again, KUDOS to Florida!

Mary Pruitt



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