Vaccine Passports via Implantable Chips

LFC Comments by T. Paine:

Keep an eye on what is happening in Europe, it is foreshadowing what will take place in the United States. Will you allow the government officials to insert a microchip (just like those used in animals) so that you can participate in society? If the answer is “yes”, is there anything that will cause you to say “enough is enough” to the government stripping you of your freedom and liberty to secure your “safety and security”?


Breaking News: First Wave Of Implanted Microchips As Vaccine Passports Just Hit

People have long said that the time for microchipping is near and I think most of them were dismissed as ‘crazy’ but it looks like some of the free world’s worst fears are coming to fruition. A Swedish investor has developed a microchip to be used as a vaccine passport. What’s even more concerning is that the chip has already been inserted in the first wave of people.

This may sound like the work of science fiction but A translated version of a Swedish site explains its basically the same chips inserted in domestic pets:

“The technocratic development that independent analysts have long warned about is progressing rapidly. Now you can get a covid certificate as an implanted microchip that can be easily read with a mobile phone.

In a video from the Schibsted magazine Aftonbladet , the biohacker Hannes Sjöblad explains how you can easily operate a chip in the hand, or other selected body part, with a smart ID code in it to be able to easily store information.

– You can use it to open doors or other practical everyday functions, he says.

He swipes his mobile phone over his arm and shows how quickly it is possible to get the QR code for his own vaccination certificate.

The chip is as big as a grain of rice and is inserted into the skin with the help of a powerful needle and the same technique used when chipping animals. In a few minutes, the chip can be inserted.”

6,000 people in the [Sweden] have so far had a chip inserted in their hands.” However, that is not to say those people got a microchip inserted in their body for a COVID-related passport, as the chips could be used for other purposes.

At the beginning of December, the Swedish government issued a guidance that for some events with 100 or more people, a COVID-passport would be required.”

My plan is to continue to keep an eye on every bill a lawmaker here in the US plans to introduce and I seriously recommend you do the same. If a microchip mandate does reach the US, I imagine there’s where it will start.


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