State Representative Dan Troy & His Homestead Exemption Legislation…updated January 13, 2021

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director:

Representative Daniel Troy – District 60

Attention all seniors in Lake County and the State of Ohio, there is legislation that is sponsored by State Representative Daniel Troy (District 60). It is currently in the Ways and Means Committee.

We will contact Representative Troy to get the actual impact of his proposal on the seniors eligible for the Homestead Exemption. In our opinion, although we appreciate the effort on behalf of Ohio seniors, it is a “drop in the bucket”, and will not make an impact in the lives of our seniors as it is currently written.

Stay tuned because we are going to reach out to as many elected officials as we can to get MEANIFUL property tax relief for seniors, because they are being priced out of their homes with the ever-increasing property taxes.


Updated January 13, 2021

Here is the email that was sent by a Willoughby resident to State Representative Dan Troy (District 60)

Representative Troy:

I applaud and thank you for sponsoring HB207 Increase amount/expand qualification for homestead exemption. This is the type of support our seniors need to be able to remain in a home that they own in a community in which they have lived for many years. This is particularly relevant in our city of Willoughby Ohio as the growing demand for Senior Living Complexes has far exceeded the availability. Many seniors, due to financial difficulty caused by inflation and increasing property taxes, have and will continue to be forced to sell their homes and seek alternative housing. As a result they are often times forced to move to other communities far from their friends, families, churches, social organizations and shopping areas that they have been near and supported for years. The passage of this bill may be key in helping to alleviate this dilemma for the growing number of senior homeowners in our community and throughout Ohio.

Can you please update us on the status of this bill and any challenge that may be a perceived obstacle to its swift passage?


Terry Foreman

Willoughby Ohio Resident




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