Dump “Just Dave” Joyce

We Need to Primary Dave Joyce

Written by: Mary Pruitt / January 7, 2022

This is the absolute last straw. We need to primary Dave Joyce this spring. Our Congressman Dave Joyce could not even join the 46 Republican senators and 139 Republican House members to try to stop the vaccine mandates by OSHA for companies with 100 or more employees. OSHA is to protect workers from injuries, not push experimental gene therapeutics. The only approved licensed covid vaccine was Comirnity and it is NOT available in the USA. Everyone is receiving the EUA.

OSHA is also not requiring employers to report any employees who are vaccine injured from the employer mandates. They stated they did not want to create vaccine hesitancy. Wait a minute. WHAT??!! Are they afraid there would be vaccine injuries to report? Are they afraid these injuries would stop people from getting a risky experimental EUA product? Damn straight it would. That is OSHA’s job to protect employees from employers causing injuries. If these alleged vaccines are so safe, then why is OSHA so afraid to make employers report vaccine injuries? I know why, do you?

There is a link in this article below that gives the names of those who took part in the amicus brief. I do not see his name. Do you?


In truth,

Mary Pruitt


LFC Comments: Although we agree with Mary, it is going to be difficult removing the RINO’s “Just Dave”. He has name recognition, and over $1 million in his campaign coffers. This buys him a lot of loyalty with the other Republicans in the party.


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