Mentor, Ohio Public Schools Promoting the “Woke” Culture for Your Children

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, Executive Director:

WOW, the Mentor, Ohio schools have gone full WOKE! We received three separate communications from Mentor citizens showing the extreme left-leaning, horrendous agenda permeating the Mentor schools. And to think that your property taxes are funding this WOKE agenda. We are funding the continued moral depravity of our culture, and exposing our children to the underbelly of a sick society. Is there any line that these educators will not cross? How about pedophilia, or bestiality, is that acceptable to Mentor’s educators?

Remember, evil works in incremental steps. We are not only in a cultural war, but we are in a spiritual war as well, and our churches have gone A.W.O.L. The book of Revelations tells of churches that were standing, but were spiritually dead. It has happened again.


Dear Mentor Parent’s of school-age children:           

I just want you to be aware of what is happening at Ridge Elementary School in Mentor.  A 4th Grade teacher is proposing a committee to strategize ways to teach 1st through 5th graders racists, gender-identity and other left-wing ideologies.  This teaching would include Black Lives Matter and the LGBTQ agenda’s.

I believe this is pure indoctrination of our children and deserves NO PLACE in our classrooms, especially 1st to 5th Grade.  I urge you to stand up against these subversive and destructive ideologies.  Please call or email your school board Superintendent and Board members to protest this outrageous violation of your and your children’s rights.  

Here are the email addresses of the Mentor School Board members:

Michael Williams – Mentor resident

[LFC has confirmed that Mrs. Jasmine Venson is a 4th Grade Teacher at the Mentor School. Here is her email address: ]


Another Mentor lobbyist sent us the following information showing the hypocrisy of Mentor school leaders and their promotion of the far left agenda.

The Mentor schools stopped a school dance because of COVID-19, but they team up with the YOUTH sports league to support a LGBTQ pride night with the CAVS basketball team.


A third concerned Mentor parent sent us the following information:

Here is the school board agenda dealing with the renaming of the school’s various choir groups. The goal is to eliminate gender association and create a more inclusive environment for developing musicians.

Evil works in incremental steps, and this will surely lead to “gender neutral” bathrooms and sports.

[LFC Note to Mentor school board member Republican Tom Tuttle, who voted for renaming the men’s and women’s choir: We can see you clearly now, and you can no longer hide. You are obviously a left-wing zealot.]

The following is an attachment from a 5th grade elementary (Ridge) art project in which the teacher included BLM, pro mask verbiage (we have kids with exemptions on file), and an LGBTQ rainbow  in her example for all the children to view. 

Here is a screenshot of the gender pronoun survey that went out to students by many Mentor High School teachers without parental consent:

The “Transphobia-Deal with it!” book is still in our middle school at Memorial regardless of the people who brought it up 2 meetings ago opposing it.  You can access its contents here I highly recommend viewing some of the pages through that link. It’s literally calling for activism for the students.


LFC Continues: Well Mentor parents, you have the truth before you. If you disagree with the lies, deceptions, and betrayals foisted on your children, what are you going to do about it?

Under the deception of trying to help children, what they are really doing is, unwittingly by some, grooming the children. Read up on what “grooming” is all about.

Change will never happen unless the community at large lets the school’s administration, teachers and school board members know that “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”, and you will no longer accept their perverse curriculum.

We are going to need to defund those public schools that are indoctrinating the children. One way to achieve that objective is to have the State of Ohio send vouchers to the families and the parents get to decide which school to send their children. The public schools must compete for the children. Homeschooling is another option that is gaining momentum in the State of Ohio.




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