Vaccine Pecuniary interests should be illegal

Vaccine Pecuniary interests should be illegal

Written by Mary Pruitt I February 13, 2022

Every step of this pandemic has been riddled with conflicts of interest. No one can be trusted anymore. We in this world have become corrupted by our need or desire for money. (1, 2)

The following legal code (or similarly written) should be part of the vaccine process.

…”No person who participates in the authorization, examination, testing, or purchase of products, shall have any pecuniary interest in the products or any affiliation with the vendor.”…

It is not. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Our NIH, FDA, ACIP, NIAID and other government aligned employees are encouraged to seek patents and royalties and are allowed to be part of the companies that are being regulated.

How did we get here? Has this always been this corrupt? Apparently, it has been an ongoing corruption scheme for quite some time.(3, 4) This is unacceptable. Do you agree? Can trust ever be restored?

In truth,

Mary Pruitt






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