Whose Children Are They?

I joined other patriots at the Great Lake Cinema last night to watch this revealing and quite shocking film about the current state of affairs in public schools. Some schools are farther along in the Communist indoctrination than others. However, make no mistake the indoctrination is real, and is fueled by the corrupt teachers’ unions, and the federal Department of Education.

We have to address the funding, and LFC supports a total voucher system where the money is given to the family, and the parents decide what is the best school for their children to attend. Schools must therefore compete for the children, and the parents get to decide what school best supports their family values.

We have been informed that teachers may opt out of belonging to the teachers’ union, and the taxpayers must support those brave teachers that will protect the children and not expose them to this communist indoctrination.

If you ever get the chance to see this movie, we highly recommend it.

Our recent research into Lake County Public Schools’ proficiency scores for the school year 2018 – 2019 (latest available) showed that the overall proficiency scores for all Ohio schools for all grades and subjects tested was 65.2%. The overall average proficiency scores for all nine Lake County schools was 68.6%. The range was from 84.1% at Kirtland Schools down to 42.1% at Painesville City Local Schools.

Even with this abysmal performance, the State Board of Education and the teachers’ unions are pushing Social, Emotional Learning. It is a critical part of the communist indoctrination, and will be given equal time to the teaching of academics. Make no mistake, the goal is to ensure that there is “equality of outcome” for all children, which results in the dumbing down of all students.

If you are not sure what SEL is all about, here is an article that we just published.

You are funding your own demise if you keep voting for public school property tax levies. If we stay on the current path of ever-increasing property taxes, we will price seniors and those living on fixed income out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve. We cannot stand by and let that happen!

Brian Massie, Executive Director


Whose Children Are They?’: Documentary Exposes ‘Corruption’ in U.S. Education System

By American Faith / March 14, 2022

“Brave teachers, parents, and frontline experts expose the corruption within the public schools, address indoctrination, educational freedom, union tactics, CRT, and much more.”

  • America’s Frontline Doctors (AFDS) is spearheading its “Reimagine Education” initiative with ‘Citizen Corps,’ an AFDS platform for sharing “commonly censored truths and information about current threats to our freedom.”
  • Reimagine Education is promoting a new documentary called “Whose Children Are They?” that “will awaken our nation to the truth about the education system,” according to an email sent by AFDS.
  • In the documentary, “Brave teachers, parents, and frontline experts expose the corruption within the public schools, address indoctrination, educational freedom, union tactics, CRT, and much more,” the message went on to say.
  • The film was created by Rebecca Friedrich, an advocate for accountability in public education who brought the teacher’s unions to public attention during her 2016 Supreme Court case.
  • The movie’s trailer spotlights issues like Critical Race Theory (CRT), censorship, and overly-sexualized content in the classroom.


  • Whose Children Are They? “is the groundbreaking and powerfully persuasive documentary featuring brave teachers, empowered parents, and front-line experts who pull back the curtain about what is truly happening in our public schools today,” reads the documentary’s website.
  • “This film will be the starting point for a full cultural conversation about the need to return to the original intent of education, not indoctrination.”
  • Whose Children Are They? “will inform and equip parents, teachers, grandparents and concerned citizens, to partner together for the innocence and well-being of our children. It will also educate all education stakeholders on the corrupting influence of teachers’ unions, and the vital importance of removing them from our schools, in addition to educating parents on the need to stand with good teachers, and empower teachers to stage a mass Union Exit,” the site adds.
  • The documentary’s website says churches can register to host a showing of Whose Children Are They? at their local church or school.
  • The League of Women Voters recently characterized critiques of the public education system, especially concerning COVID-19 narratives promoted by pharmaceutical companies and mainstream media, as “a threat to democracy.”




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