Who Do You Trust?

Linda Goudsmit MARCH 19, 2022 AT 1:41 PM

It is my opinion that all relationships, public or private, can be reduced to the fundamental question, “Who do you trust?”

The UN was chartered ostensibly to provide a forum for the preservation and protection of the Westphalian order in which independent, sovereign, nation states would cooperate and live together in peace. This was the stated UN mission trusted and accepted by patriots and freedom-lovers worldwide. 

What I understand now is the UN is and always was the brainchild of globalists, and the instrument to facilitate and impose the NWO. Since its inception, the megalomaniacs seeking one-world government have increased their power and influence, and we are currently at the tipping point.

Those who still believe the UN mission protects the Westphalian order are like those who still believe the Democrats in America protect the Jews. They don’t. Seemingly complex world events are simple to understand when viewed through the prism of globalism v. the nation state.

The problem is that most people do not want to see the world through that prism because it forces them to see they are trusting the untrustworthy. It forces Israelis and Americans to realize their governments are run by globalists whose commitment to planetary governance sacrifices their national sovereignty and the sovereignty of individual citizens. 

The Book of Humanitarian Hoaxes: Killing America with ‘Kindness’ exposes the con. The Collapsing American Family: From Bonding to Bondage exposes the tactical plan.

The globalists will never stop unless they are stopped, and the singular patriotic voice of Judeo-Christian resistance is coming from the most unlikely source – Archbishop Carlos Vigano!! 

The only solution the UN will ever impose on Israel is the FINAL SOLUTION! If left unchecked, the UN and its Agenda 2030 will facilitate not only the destruction of Israel, but the destruction of the United States of America and every other sovereign nation on the planet.

This is globalist Armageddon. The United Nations is entirely untrustworthy unless, of course, you are a globalist, embrace one-world government, and desire a return to the feudal order of rulers and ruled.

No thank you.



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