You too, can foresee our future.

Written by Mary Pruitt / March 20, 2022

As James Corbett succinctly points out in his article below, “One thing you learn after spending years in the conspiracy realist space: when the globalists tell you that something is about to happen, you better believe they’re hard at work behind the scenes to make that “prediction” a reality.” (1)

I have grown ever suspicious of our globalist fortune tellers, as I now believe they should be heard with ears that hear and a critical mind filled with questions. These are conspiracies in process, and people who question the spelled out conspiracies are intelligent theorists.

I am currently reading Klaus Schwab’s “Covid 19 The Great Reset”. There is quite a bit of planning going into the new world order. This used to be tin foil hat conspiracy theorist territory. But they are shouting their plans out loud to the world for all to see and hear.

The question is, are you capable of hearing and seeing? Can you see what the reality is? Dig in to James Corbett’s latest share about the most recent medical globalist planning and his walk down memory lane toward the new world order. Much respect to James’ fortune telling prowess.



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