Joe Blystone Candidate for Governor of Ohio Speaks in Willowick

Written by Brian Massie, Executive Director / March 24, 2022

I attended the Willowick meeting, and recorded the following video of Mr. Joe Blystone, candidate for Governor of Ohio. There were approximately 50 – 60 people in attendance, and Mr. Blystone’s comments were well received by the audience.

I was generally agreeing with Mr. Blystone until he mentioned Dr. Doug Frank and his efforts to disclose voter fraud in Ohio. I wanted to speak up on behalf of the Lake County Board of Elections, and state that I found no voter fraud in Lake County elections. However, the controller of the event said that I should not bring that up because he knows that there was voter fraud. He stated that a relative got a ballot but he no longer lives in Lake County. In my opinion, that is not voter or election fraud, but merely a need to update the database. With 160,000+ registered voters, it is a monumental task to maintain the database. However, that does not constitute voter or election fraud.

People want to believe the comforting lies, rather that the unpleasant truths! Free speech should never be silenced, even when you do not agree with it.

Mr. Blystone mentioned that the State of Ohio was complaining about his financial recordings of $5 and $10 contributions. Here is a very recent article published by concerning Mr. Blystone campaign finance problems.

Excerpt from the article updated March 23, 2022

By Jeremy Pelzer,

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose’s office says Republican Joe Blystone’s campaign for governor must refund a total of more than $100,000 in contributions that violate the state’s limit on cash donations or ban on corporate donations.


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