Meet the Ohio Republican Candidates for U.S. Senate – well 4 of them anyway

By Brian Massie, Executive Director / March 29, 2022

We traveled over three hours one-way to Central State University to listen to a debate and record the seven Republican candidates for the Ohio U.S. Senate seat. The Ohio Debate Commission sponsored the debate.

The journalists where not permitted to record the debate, and could only watch the debate on a live stream. We are trying to get a copy of the debate so that we can share it with our readers.

However, we did get to record and ask questions of the candidates during the following question and answer period located in another building. You will find below four ~10 minute videos of the candidates that chose to participate. The allegedly “front – runners” in the polls, Gibbons, Timken, and Mandel, chose not to speak to the reporters.

Here is my response to those allegedly fearless warriors that will supposedly fight for the citizens.

This was a major mistake made by the three “leaders”. You declare yourselves to be fighters for the people, and you cannot even take the time to speak to the reporters in a room.

Take a page from Mr. Pukita’s and Mr. Vance’s playbook and show that you are not afraid to talk to the press. You may be leading in the polls, but do not declare victory just yet!

As a wise man once said: “It ain’t over ’till its over”.

I have heard Mr. Pukita speak many times before, and he is a real battler with a real common sense approach to problem solving.

Mr. Patel may be a very nice man and loyal patriot, but he suffers from the fact that English is his second language, and is very difficult to understand.

Matt Dolan suffers a severe case of Anti-Trump syndrome and would be, in my opinion, in the mold of Rob Portman, the outgoing Senator.

This is the first time that I have heard J.D. Vance speak and I was very impressed.

If we get the actual debate video, we will update this article.


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