Shame on All the Lake County “Conservative” Leaders

By Brian Massie, Executive Director

It is with great regret that I must call out my friends that happen to be Republicans. Endorsing John Eklund shows that they have compromised their conservative principles regarding the “Right to Life” and the “2nd amendment” issues.

I am hereby revoking all of your Conservative cards, because you no longer stand on those principles. There is no room for Conservatives in the Republican Party. Quite frankly, you need to join arms with the Democrats because at 10 feet I cannot tell the difference. You can call yourselves the “Uniparty” with “all for one, one for all” as your motto. Stop trying to fool Lake County voters that you are different.

Conservatives will have to establish their own party, because the Republicans have lost their way.

Supporting Governor DeWine and John Eklund for judge tells us all we need to know about the Lake County Republican Party.

Commissioner Plecnik has the audacity to state that yours truly is not a conservative because I gave Adam Dudziak (D) a platform on our website. Mr. Dudziak, candidate for Commissioner, and Joe Shriver (D), candidate for Auditor, have been gentlemen and honest with me to date. Everyone gets a platform on LFC so buckle up, the ride is going to be bumpy.

Here is what I think about your endorsement!


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