The great reset continues…

Here is the next step of our new world order. These companies (Amazon, Google, Citi, et al.)(See full list of companies in their website.) will rule the world of computers. They are planning the the complete reformation of the “internet of things” as we know it.

Here’s the “Internet Computer Association” that is taking charge. Everyone in the world will have to go through them to access the internet. They are getting ready to take tyrannical controls through digital ID, while spewing lies of “decentralization”. Basically, this “stakeholder” conglomeration (billionaire companies) will be the decision makers for all of humanity in every corner of our lives and world. (1)

How they call this decentralization is beyond me. Seems to be another case of redefinition of words, in our LIVE, theatrical world play of the ever clairvoyant George Orwell’s “1984”. Other recent examples of redefined words include pandemic, science, woman, vaccine, immunity, safe and efficient.

The goals are written by Klaus Schwab in The Great Reset. One of the goals is they want to determine that purchases that companies and people make, are based on the greater good, and not the individual. People who are brainwashed by this altruistic goal, do not realize the peasantry prisoners they will be in this globalized stakeholder process. (2)

If you like milk and they decide milk is bad, you will not have milk. PERIOD. END OF STORY. Rolling blackouts to save energy will be for the greater good. We will experience 3rd world country existence, in western world countries, excluding the elites of course.

If you don’t know who good old Klaus Schwab is, he is a real go getter and runs with a circle of mad scientists such as Dr Harari who is working hard at his project to combine humans with AI. This mad scientist believes whoever holds control of data is GOD and has control of humanity. Not hyperbole. Listen to him yourself if you believe I am exaggerating. (3)

I see Dr. Harari has gathered momentum in Silicon Valley. Dr. Harari says here they have already passed the point where AI knows better who to vote for, and what is best for the customer. (4)

I find it frightening that companies, and allegedly liberal people, are so willing to team up with the insane global tyrannists with such abandon. This is not altruism, this is tyranny at play. Please know the difference.

In truth,

Mary Pruitt






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