Trust is Earned

Trust is Earned

Written by Mary Pruitt / April 9, 2022

Early on in the pandemic, I latched on to science I knew to trust from trustworthy doctors and scientists. It consisted of knowing that SARSCOV1 preceded SARSCOV2. (1) This was not so novel, was it? The health leaders lied straight out of the gate. They lied about masks. (2) They lied about natural immunity. (3) They lied that children at high risk, when in fact we knew they were not. (4) They lied about the lab leak theory. (5) They lied about lockdowns. (6)

Dr Martin Kulldorf was one of the authors of the Great Barrington Declaration. He speaks truth. (7)

I knew truth when I saw it. I knew propaganda based on almost two decades of learning about it as a Ron Paul fan. (8) I stood with Ron Paul (Dr No) against the Iraq War. He said there was no reason to go into Iraq. I trusted him. (9) After Bush started Iraq War, my mind hurt over how many innocent men, women and children that nobody counted, were killed by USA. There but for the grace of God go I. (10) I learned during this time of Bush/Cheney, and then later with Obama/Biden, how the news worked as propaganda machines for their advertisers and for the state. (11) After Obama’s first term, I saw they were war mongering assassins just as Bush/Chaney were. (12) After realizing Obama AND BIDEN, were war mongerers, after having lied about bringing peace to our world, I vowed to always vote for politicians who I believed would kill less people in our world from that point on. (13) Now Biden is war mongering for starting WW3. I guess Obama is right, Biden was continuuing on with Obama’s policies. (14) President Obama’s legacy of war continues.

I also knew the whole Russia Trump was a set up by Clinton. (15) It is easy to see these things after decades of being lied to by politicians. You learn to recognize the signs. It is similar to knowing when an alcoholic loved one lies. After repeat performances, you see the lies coming a mile away. (16)

So, back to trusting the Medical establishment with all their lies they have repeated. All I can say is trust is earned. It is not a given just because you have MD, PhD, or any other title or alphabet behind one’s name. Kulldorff, Bhattycharia, Mccullough, Malone, Kory, Gold, et al. has earned my trust, while Walensky, Fauci, Collins et al. has not.

And big pharma and FDA, I stopped trusting them also a long time ago. The fact people trust them after all their corruption, fraud and manipulations over decades, just truly boggles the mind. (17) But hey, to each their own I guess. Just do not infringe on my rights, because you are trusting the untrustworthy.




















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