Lake County Board of Elections Needs You

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, poll worker

If you want to give back to your community, helping out our Board of Elections is a great choice.

Here are the contacts at the Board of Elections:

Jessica Salesky (440) 350-2873

Megan Elek (440) 350-2413

Jennifer Heath (440) 350-2415


This is a link to the Lake County Board of Elections. You will find all the information about the May 3, 2022 primary election.


Here are the issues that are on the May 3, 2022 ballot.

To calculate the cost of a levy:

$35.00 x (# of mills) for every $100,000 of your home’s market value (not assessed value)

To determine how much more annual income you will need to not creep toward the 30% Housing Affordability Threshold, divide the annual increase in taxes by your current HAT %.

HAT %= [annual payments for mortgage + utilities + property taxes] / annual income]

If we continue with the ever-increasing property taxes, we will price seniors and those living on fixed incomes out of their homes that they have worked all their lives to achieve. When we add in double-digit inflation thanks to run-away federal spending and insane Federal Reserve policies, we are all going to experience financial distress. The only question is how bad will it get?



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