Make vaccine manufacturers liable again!

Dr. Christine Parks is spot on about the path to truly safe and effective vaccines. (1) We must rescind the Ronald Reagan legislation that gave unprecedented protection to profit based companies who make vaccines. (2) My kids didn’t get their first vaccine until they were 2 with only around 14 total by college age. They were born in the 80’s prior to Reagan’s disastrous big pharma protective act took effect. Now, kids receive vaccine soups at 2 mos, 4 mos, and around 76 injection by college age. (3) Majority of these injections are made with toxic aluminum. What could possibly go wrong? (4)

These tox pages from our government give levels that are considered safe from exposures from the environment and processed foods and medicines. Of course, how they know this is a mystery as they do not reference (um, #science?). (5, 6) Allegedly these toxic aluminum adjuvants are given in safe levels. (7)

However, the FDA seems to have no idea how much is in the vaccines. If you are not aware of the FDA process, they rely on the data submitted by the companies seeking approval. Eh hem, excuse me if I do not trust the big pharma companies. As I have said a few times, trust is earned. People are trusting companies who have been committing fraud for decades. (8) The FDA is slow walking their response to a FOIA request seeking their data. (9) Gee, I wonder if they will take 76 years to reply as they wanted to do for Covid gene therapy injections?

Since we obviously can’t trust the FDA, or big pharma, we must end vaccine makers unlimited liability protections.

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