So What Have the Globalists Planned Next for the World?

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Although I do not have the gift of prophesy, it appears obvious to me what the globalists’ overall plan for the world is: DEPOPULATION. I have been stating to friends that I believe the next planned crisis after the Covid-19 plandemic, and the Ukraine war is a worldwide FAMINE!

This Wikipedia page shows that wars and famine are very effective tools to control world populations:

Here is an article sent to us by a Painesville lobbyist that illustrates my point.


EMERGENCY ALERT: On the heels of rail carriers canceling grain shipments, CF warns that FERTILIZER rail shipments are now being halted during spring planting

Saturday, April 16, 2022 by: Mike Adams

Image: EMERGENCY ALERT: On the heels of rail carriers canceling grain shipments, CF Industries warns that FERTILIZER rail shipments are now being halted during spring planting
(Natural News) As you may recall, ten days ago I warned that rail carriers were declaring “force majeure” and halting shipments of grain to dairy herds and other cow herds across America. In that announcement, I also warned that this was an engineered collapse of the food supply, where rail carriers were essentially being ordered to drop certain loads in order to maximize the coming wave of food scarcity and famine.

[LFC Comment: “force majeure” is unforeseeable circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract.]

Now, devastating news from CF Industries — one of the largest fertilizer producers in the world — confirms the engineered food collapse plan is being expanded to include fertilizer shipments.

According to an April 14th announcement from CF Industries, Union Pacific is halting the delivery of fertilizer shipments right in the middle of peak planting season for farmers. CF Industries warns that, “railroad-mandated shipping reductions [will] result in nitrogen fertilizer shipment delays during the spring application season and that it [will] be unable to accept new rail sales involving Union Pacific for the foreseeable future.”

Even more alarmingly, CF Industries warns that, “it is one of only 30 companies to face these restrictions.”

This means that Union Pacific is essentially dropping fertilizer shipments and grain shipments all across America. Put another way, America’s food infrastructure is being deliberately shut down.

The implications of this are nothing short of catastrophic. It affects not just fertilizer but also DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) which is necessary for all tractors, transportation trucks, construction equipment and other machinery that use diesel engines. As CF Industries explains:

CF Industries ships to customers via Union Pacific rail lines primarily from its Donaldsonville Complex in Louisiana and its Port Neal Complex in Iowa. The rail lines serve key agricultural areas such as Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska, Texas and California. Products that will be affected include nitrogen fertilizers such as urea and urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) as well as diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), an emissions control product required for diesel trucks. CF Industries is the largest producer of urea, UAN and DEF in North America, and its Donaldsonville Complex is the largest single production facility for the products in North America.

Without DEF, you can’t run tractors. And to the “Green New Deal” lunatics who think that halting all diesel engines will magically make the world green (while they absurdly try to suck all the CO2 out of the atmosphere, which will kill all plants, by the way), you’re about to experience the starvation, chaos and violence that comes from shutting down agriculture. Good luck to all.

Spring crops will FAIL across North America if they don’t get nitrogen

This engineered halting of fertilizer shipments appears to be timed to severely disrupt spring planting across North America. This is consistent with what we have all observed with Joe Biden’s deliberate shutdown of America’s energy infrastructure which began on day one of Biden’s fake “presidency” when he signed a stack of executive orders shutting down energy pipelines.

From that very first day, Joe Biden and his handlers (Obama) have been meticulously deconstructing America’s food and energy infrastructure, causing shortages and price inflation. Yet as prices and scarcity both continue to worsen, Jen Psaki says it’s all “Putin’s fault” as a convenient cover story.

The truth is that fake president Joe Biden is trying to plunge America into mass starvation, food riots and chaos. The shutting down of energy, food and fertilizer transportation is just one small part of this nefarious plan.

CF Industries president Tony Will reveals how fertilizer is being selectively targeted:

“The timing of this action by Union Pacific could not come at a worse time for farmers,” said Tony Will, president and chief executive officer, CF Industries Holdings, Inc. “Not only will fertilizer be delayed by these shipping restrictions, but additional fertilizer needed to complete spring applications may be unable to reach farmers at all. By placing this arbitrary restriction on just a handful of shippers, Union Pacific is jeopardizing farmers’ harvests and increasing the cost of food for consumers.”

In the understatement of the year, CF Industries also points out that without nitrogen fertilizer, crop yields “will be lower,” saying:

The application of nitrogen fertilizer is critical to maximizing crop yields. If farmers are unable to secure all the nitrogen fertilizer that they require in the current season because of supply chain disruptions such as rail shipping restrictions, the Company expects yield will be lower. This will likely extend the timeline to replenish global grains stocks.

In truth, without nitrogen fertilizer, crop yields will be nothing short of catastrophic.

Perhaps that’s why China has been buying up all the grain supplies around the world, stockpiling like mad in anticipation of a global food collapse that’s being engineered.

A perfect storm of black swan events spell FOOD DOOM on a global scale


[LFC Add: What is meant by a black swan event? A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight.]


If 2020 – 2021 was the “covid” chapter of global collapse, 2022 – 2023 is going to be the “famine” chapter. A convergence of black swan events is spelling out the absolute certainty of global food scarcity and mass famine. Some of those events include:

  • The unleashing of economic sanctions against Russia, halting Russia’s ability to export fertilizer and food crops such as wheat.
  • The Grand Solar Minimum sun cycle is producing lower levels of solar radiation that will reach the surface of the Earth for the next several years, leading to global crop failures (and, historically, the fall of nations and empires).
  • Unbounded money printing by the Federal Reserve, leading to rapid devaluation / collapse of the value of the dollar vs. food.
  • Skyrocketing food inflation, which the UN’s FAO now puts at 12.6% month over month, means food prices will double every six months at this rate of inflation.
  • US government programs that are paying farmers to destroy crops, deliberately contributing to food scarcity.
  • Skyrocketing diesel fuel prices, which raise the cost of inputs for farming because farms run on diesel equipment. Transportation of crops is also carried out by diesel trucks.
  • Climate change lunatics are trying to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, which will starve food crops and devastate global yields, since CO2 is the key nutrient that plants need to grow (even more than they need nitrogen).

The upshot of all this is abundantly clear:

  • Accelerating food inflation. Food prices will, without question, double by the end of 2022 and may actually go much higher. Food prices will almost certainly double again in 2023.
  • As food prices skyrocket, food riots will break out worldwide. This has already begun in Sri Lanka, Peru and other nations, and it will only spread globally.
  • Later in 2022, food riots will break out in the USA, first appearing in democrat-run “blue” cities and then spreading.
  • In 2023, we are certain to see food rationing and price controls both demanded and enforced by governments around the world, including the US government.
  • Widespread food insecurity will lead to global uprisings and revolutions. Nations will fall. Sri Lanka is already in default on its dollar bonds and facing the toppling of its political leadership, and we’re not even out of April yet.
  • In response to the rising chaos, governments will declare national emergencies and roll out police state controls to try to control the masses. China’s brutal lockdown of 25+ million people in Shanghai is an early preview of things to come on a global scale.

Most importantly, people who do not have alternative sources of food will likely starve. This means you either need to store food or learn how to grow food. Ideally, you’ll have capabilities in both categories. This is what’s going to keep you alive.

I understand there are some people who, when faced with this bad news, resort to saying things like, “I can’t handle any more bad news. I choose to pretend that the food supply will be fine.” To those people, I would beg you to reconsider your stance, because you can’t pretend to be not starving when you are starving. The food scarcity will shock people back to reality if they’ve been living in a delusional dream world. (There’s no such thing as transstarvationism, just like there’s no such thing as transgenderism. You can’t actually change your gender, and you can’t actually live without eating.)

Anyone who chooses to ignore this engineered food collapse will likely starve.



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