Trump Endorses J. D. Vance…a State Central Committeeman Speaks Out

J. D. Vance
……….J. D. Vance……..

Why Not Trust the Voters?

Written by Joe Miller, Republican State Central Committeeman
April 21, 2022

Three months ago there was a battle between the State Central Committee and the Ohio GOP on whether or not to endorse in the upcoming Primary for the open Senate seat. The endorsement means millions of dollars for the coffers of the chosen candidate and doing so unfairly advantages that candidate.  We wanted the voters of Ohio to decide not the elites.  We didn’t want elites picking who would be the Republican candidate to run against the Democrats.  Let the primary process work itself out. We trust in the voters.  And the SCC was successful in stopping an endorsement.  

However fast forward and just a few days ago Donald Trump Jr. and now President Trump both put their hand on the scale to endorse JD Vance and most likely this will sway enough voters and anoint him as the chosen Republican candidate.  

So why is this so wrong?  Because the people are not picking the candidate in the senate Primary the elites are.  Whether its Mike DeWine and Bob Paduchik making back room deals or Trump and Trump Jr. making back room deals BOTH are wrong.

Wrong because the people are not deciding who they want to represent Ohio, the outsiders are.

Mike Gibbons and Josh Mandel have given every ounce of energy they have to win this great battle. They have fought nose to nose (literally) giving 100% of their Money, time and effort.  And now to have this great battle ended and anoint someone who isn’t a true Ohioan is a great injustice.

Mike and Josh have traveled Ohio visiting all 88 counties while JD Vance does non-stop guest appearances on the Tucker Carlson Show.  Tell me who has the people of Ohio’s concern at heart? Also…Has anyone actually seen JD Vance in person? (I haven’t) Is he a real person?  (Not sure) A television prop? (Could be)  Furthermore, It’s no coincidence that Trump Jr. will now be accompanying JD Vance on Townhall meetings across Ohio as this was all prearranged a long time ago.  Nothing in politics happens by accident.  The plan was to anoint Vance all along, they just had to wait for the opportune moment so it wouldn’t come across as obvious.

Trump Jr. who’s a very good friend of JD Vance claims Vance is the right person for Ohio.  Who the hell cares what Trump Jr. thinks?  Trump Jr. wouldn’t know if he were in Cleveland or Cincinnati or Columbus! The only time he spends in Ohio is when his private jet flies overhead. He’s an outsider with a lot of money.  Apparently Trump Jr. knows what’s best for Ohio and not you! How crazy is that?  This is total crap!  A carnival show.  When the State Central Committee told the Ohio Republican Party no endorsing in the primary they meant it. The same message applies to Trump and Trump Jr. stay the hell out of this Ohio Senate race!


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