The Lake County Clerk of Court’s Issue

Written by Brian Massie, Executive Director / April 25, 2022

The email below was sent to us by a concerned citizen name Matt. Since this is the second request for information about the incident, we decided to inform our readers that we are aware of the allegations by the judges, prosecutor and the Clerk of Court employees against our friend, Faith Andrews.

Rather than publish allegations, we have decided to wait until all of our records requests to the Commissioners have been received.

We can inform you that we know what the judges, prosecutor, and employees have done, and we will publish when we have the corroborating evidence proving what we know. When an outsider exposes the conduct of the establishment, it is, unfortunately, expected that those with the power will try to squash the outsider.

When we expose the power brokers, maybe it will be Sheriff Leonbruno knocking on our front door this time rather than the F.B.I.


The following email was sent to LFC:


Why has Lobbyists for Citizens not addressed the conflict between Clerk of Courts Faith Andrews and Lake County Judges? Certainly you have read the proposed (not sure if it was filed) journal entry by the judges about Ms. Andrews alleged behavior and saw that the Lake Commissioners approved funding for Ms. Andrews to retain a private attorney.

Lobbyists usually addresses these kind of public issues….



Here is the resolution that Matt referred to in his email to us.

Since the Prosecutor’s office is involved in this matter, they cannot represent Ms. Andrews fairly. Therefore, outside counsel has been authorized by the Lake County Commissioners.

Stay tuned, this will be very interesting…



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