Pulling the Curtain Back on Lakeland and Morris Beverage…updated 5/8/22

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, taxpayer for Lakeland Community College
April 27, 2022…updated 5/8/22

When we first heard about the new contract proposal for Morris Beverage, President of Lakeland Community College, we thought it could not be true. However, our multiple sources assured us that it was true, so we thought that we should speak to the Lake County Commissioners and ask for their help in confirming the numbers.

Here is yours truly speaking before the Commissioners on 4/21/2022.

Here are the documents that I provided to the Commissioners detailing the contract proposals:.

We are publicly requesting that Ms. Sabath, as Lakeland’s Director for Nonprofit and Public Service Center, confirm or deny the proposed contract mentioned above. Taxpayers deserve to know how their property taxes are being spent. Transparency is the key to good governance and an informed electorate.

Amy Sabath
Director for Government Relations & Executive Assistant to the President and Director for the Nonprofit & Public Service Center

Here is Ms. Amy Sabath (R), pictured with Kevin Malecek (D) [left of Ms. Sabath and Kenny Yuko (D) on the right]. Mr. Malecek is Mentor’s Director of Economic Development, and Mr. Yuko is an American politician and union activist, currently serving as a member of the Ohio Senate, representing the 25th District.

We are going to follow up with the Lake County Budget Commission to determine if they have any jurisdiction over the Lakeland Community College taxing authority. The Budget Commission is made up of the Lake County Prosecutor Charles Coulson, the Lake County Treasurer Mike Zuren, and the Lake County Auditor Chris Galloway. They do have the authority to reduce property tax levies.

The following is from the Ohio County Commissioners’ Handbook:

Mr. Ryan Callender resigned as the Commissioners’ appointment to Lakeland’s Board of Trustees. He was replaced by Commissioner John Plecnik’s choice, Mr. Matthew Hebebrand. Here is the resolution and his application to be considered for the Board position. We wish Mr. Hebebrand well in his new position, and we hope that he considers the welfare of the taxpayers in all of the decisions he has to make.

Updated: May 8, 2022

LFC Comments: A reader sent us the following comments about Lakeland Community College:

With reference to the proposed employment contract for Morris Beverage, I would put literally nothing past the LCC board of trustees. The [Lake County] board of commissioners has much to answer for. As they admit, they appoint two thirds of the Lakeland board members. For them to affect this attitude that they have no impact on the college’s day to day operations is preposterous.

When you cite Beverage’s current salary of $ 379,000 do not neglect to mention that he has been “ retired “ for more than a decade and receives a large pension over and above this excessive salary.

Inquire and see how often the rank and file of LCC employees get raises and see how high they are.

Also, a 42% drop in enrollment of the past decade is a disaster. If Beverage had done something to increase enrollments by 42% that would be an entirely different matter.

For what they are proposing to pay Beverage you get a Nobel Laureate, not Morris Beverage.

What would Lake County taxpayers say if they really knew what goes on at Lakeland?

I hope you make this story one of your highest priorities.



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