How to fracture a party…one “drink” at a time…

Written by Brian Massie, independent voter / April 28, 2022

Like most people in Lake County, we have received a deluge of campaign flyers telling us to vote for this or that candidate. The Republican primary race for the Commissioner’s 2 year seat, currently held by John Plecnik, is particularly interesting to us.

Morris Beverage III is a relative newcomer, and is, with the help of very savvy campaign strategists, turning the Lake County Republican Party upside down. The following are Beverage’s 2021 and 2022 Campaign Finance Reports that were submitted to the Lake County Board of Elections.

You will see that Mr. Beverage has loaned his campaign $100,000. Mr. Beverage has said that if he wins he will donate his total salary to charity. He believes that the Commissioner’s position is a part-time job, and thinks that they are paid too much to do a part-time job. It does beg the question, why would anyone spend $100,000 of their own personal fortune to get a part-time job, and then give the annual salary to charity?

The following is one of the campaign flyers that got Ms. Jan Clair, a staunch Republican and former Director of the Lake County Board of Election, seething to the point of calling out Mr. Beverage on the Lake County Republican Facebook page.

Morris Beverage III speaks his mind with this provocative ad trashing the leaders of the Lake County Republican Party.
Jan Clair, Republican, challenges Morris Beverage III over allegations.

Party Boss Jerry Cirino inserts his tremendous influence into the Rich Regovich camp…

Here is a letter from Dale Fellows that reinforces what Morris Beverage III states in his flyer. Party bosses are calling the shots and not the citizens of Lake County. We have been saying for quite some time that Dale Fellows is replacing Commissioner Ron Young. There is no one in the Republican Party that will stand up to Dale Fellows. That would be political suicide, and any name presented is a “sacrificial lamb” to make it appear that there was a hotly contested race. Do not believe the deception.

Dale Fellows was asked by Ron Young to assume the role of County Commissioner upon Young’s retirement on May 4th. Fellows is Chairman of the Republican Party and Chairman of the Lake County Board of Elections.



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