Riverside School District Teaches SEL

LFC Comments by Brian Massie, taxpayer in Concord Township School District

The Social, Emotional, Learning is being taught in all schools in the Lake County Riverside School District.

The Director of Curriculum Melissa Mlakar, Superintendent James Kalish, and School Board member Lori Krenisky, Belinda Grassi, and Jennifer Harden proudly support this Marxist philosophy. They also do not believe in transparency and parental rights to know what is being taught in Riverside Schools.

Glenn Beck explains SEL…

To Riverside’s three School Board Members, Krenisky, Harden and Grassi, Superintendent Kalis, and Director of Curriculum Melissa Mlakar, teaching SEL is just as important as teaching academic content.

Don’t believe me? Well, the following was copied from the Responsive Classroom Middle School Course resource book. Take a look at there #1 Core Belief: “Teaching social and emotional skills is as important as teaching academic content”.

This is truly sad, because the overall proficiency testing scores for the Riverside School District is 75% over all grades and subjects tested by the State Board of Education. What happens when there is less emphasis on academics.

Also, another sobering statistic is that Riverside School District is ranked 4th out of the nine school districts in Lake County.

Where can I get my property taxes back? I do not want to continue to pay for this abysmal performance.

To the School Board members Krenisky, Harden and Grassi – it is past time that you step aside because you have failed the children of the Riverside School District. Your Marxist agenda should not be tolerated by the parents.

Whose children are they? Answer: The parents and not the State.


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