Nancy McArthur’s Democrats Controlling Her Geauga Republican Party…updated 5/8/22 5:50 pm

Written by Brian Massie, Independent observer of County politics / May 9, 2022

We have always thought that Lake County had a Kabal and entry into the Kool Kids Klub was cherished by many politicians. There seems to be only one party with the elite selecting who has earned the right to run for political office. We have Democrats running as Republicans because they have a better chance of getting elected.

However, Lake County politicians could learn from their counterparts in Geauga County.

Allow us to introduce to the average citizens in Lake County Ms. Nancy McArthur, Chairman of the Republican Central and Executive Committee of Geauga County.

Nancy McArthur of Geauga County

When reading her biography (link below), we saw that she pulled out the “Conservative” card.

“Nancy is very passionate about Conservatism and getting people involved with the Geauga County Republican Party.” “Getting people involved” – Truer words have never been said.

This “Conservative” believes in “reaching across the aisle”…that is, to garner support for her favorite candidates. A Geauga lobbyist sent us the following flyer where it shows Nancy pleading with her fellow Democrats to pull a Republican ballot in the May 3rd primary and vote for her pals. This begs the question, what was Nancy selling to secure this favor. Leverage, favor for a favor, are all part of the game.

Since Diane Grendell and Skip Claypool both lost in the primary to Nancy’s pals Walder and Dvorak, we wonder if the Democrats, pulling a Republican ballot, swayed the election.

It would be interesting to check the numbers to see if Nancy McArthur sold out her fellow Republicans. Citizens of Geauga County, you deserve better than a one party system that lies, deceives and betrays you.

Update 5/9/22 5:50 pm

Well, look at the other RINO’s that supported the Democrat Jim Dvorak.

Sources have told us that none other than State Senator, Jerry “the Don” Cirino, and Congressman Dave “Just Dave” Joyce have joined with the Democrats to take out a dedicated Republican, Walter “Skip” Claypool.

Really, with friends like these “Conservative Stalwarts” who needs enemies?



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