The Judges, Juries and Executioners of Lake County

Written by Brian Massie, concerned average citizen

Friends have told me not to write this story since I will be up against the most powerful men and women of Lake County.  No one can take on the judicial system of Lake County was the constant refrain.  Even the lawyers are afraid to speak out for fear that they will never work in Lake County again. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the definition of pure power.

My response has been: “What are they going to do, call the F.B.I?…someone has already done that to me.  As for canceling me out, I already have retired and do not need a job. I guess they can try to shut down our online newspaper, but that would not help them at election time.

If I did not pursue this story, I would not be fulfilling my mission of shining the light into the darkness of this world. I will be writing a series of articles on the treatment of Ms. Faith Andrews, Lake County Clerk of Courts, by the current staff of the Lake County court system, the prosecutor, and judges.

I am appalled at the conduct of Prosecutor Coulson, Judge Lucci and his band of merry men and women.

Here is a slideshow of the players in this melodrama:

Stay tuned as we pull back the curtain in future articles on their judicial overreach.  Ms. Andrews was elected by the people to ensure that the peoples’ best interests are served, and not just “rubber-stamp” the outrageous, careless decisions by the prosecutor or the judges that put the County at risk.

It is clear to this writer that when an outsider is elected to the firmly entrenched Lake County bureaucracy and holds them accountable for their actions, the establishment pushes back because they will not relinquish their power, control of the purse strings, and they fear being exposed to the voters.

Since the judges feel unencumbered to publish unproven allegations made by catty court employees, they all are fair game for what the public has to say about them.  We are asking for public comments on the conduct of these judges and our prosecutor as they have ruled on the lives of Lake County and Ohio residents.

It will be interesting to see what the “Court of Public Opinion” has to say about these powerful men and women.  All comments about the prosecutor and judges can be sent to  We prefer signed comments, but we will never reveal names in our articles. We never reveal sources!

We are allowing comments from the public on this article.


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